Why 3D Print In India?

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3D Print In India is the brainchild of a young inventor who suffered because of high 3D Printing costs in the industry and had to rely on other unconventional methods of prototyping. So, to make sure that others do not suffer, he decided to prepare a service that everybody can use!

Our founder aims to bring down the average printing costs by cutting down on unnecessary margins and costs. The price that our calculator gives is with little to no profit margin and is highly optimized so that you don’t have any necessary to bear the costs.

Our service is best for students on a crunch. But our quality is at the same standard of that of conventional industry players.

The cost we give is actually much lower in USD and INR than out international counterparts. This indirectly means that you have to pay far less for the same quality and standard.

3DAS ships faster than others and also has a very small lead time.

Our team aims to make your prototyping and manufacturing journey easier. And We will be working at all times to make sure that you receive your top-quality prints, on-time!

Thank You for choosing to print with 3DAS.

Team 3DPrintInIndia

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