Data handling

How does 3DAS handle your data?

We have a very strong policy that makes sure that any confidential data that you may upload to our site, does not get revealed or transferred anywhere else. Any file you upload to our site is extremely secure.

We have multiple data protection measures employed for our customers safety (of files).

Our policy is that any file you upload for printing, will be deleted from our servers within 5 hours of shipping your print. No print file shall remain on our servers after that time exceeds.

Does that mean that you will have to reupload your 3D file in the event of a re-order?

Yes. You will have to reupload the 3D File. We have employed these measures since you, our customer, is the only one who knows how confidential the 3d file is. We don’t. So, we naturally assume that whatever you give for printing is highly confidential and proceed as such.

Our in-house data protection officer and CTO is Mr. Atul and for any further information on the data protection at our company, please email to atul(AT)3dprintinindia(DOT)com