How does 3DAS lower your budget?

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3DAS, has efficient calculation methods that help you lower your overall project budget. 3DAS gives a quote that has a very little profit margin. Since this company was started by a hobbyist who 3D Prints often, our team knows about the budgets teams and hobbyists have. So, we have optimized our calculator in such a way that you will have a low budget and running cost.

This means that we are effectively giving you top notch service at the cost of that of a normal print, but with the lowest budget imaginable. 3DAS also has very low operational costs. This effectively means that we are able to reduce our costs so that you can have the best prints made at a very affordable price.

Does this mean that you will get sub-par parts?

NO! The parts that you will receive will be 100% of the best quality and of the quality that you have chosen. We WILL NOT modify the design quality. We find it inhumane and dumb to lower quality as a cost cutting measure. WE WILL NEVER LOWER OUR STANDARDS AND QUALITY. That is the 3DAS motto.

Thank You!

Team 3DPrintInIndia

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