1. When will my order ship? A) Your order will ship as soon as it is printed. but the shipping time maybe delayed bacuse of choice of filament and more. You can always see the Çurrent Lead Times page for further details. If your order says awaiting shipping for a long period of time, please email us.
  2. Why is the lead time varying? A) The lead time is varying becuase we only have a few printers that actually print. So, we efficiently place models in such a way that they print soon. Hence, the varying lead time
  3. Why No resin? A) We have plans to have resin printing as a service. But we shall start it soon once our FDM line has become self sustainable.
  4. I followed the steps, but why is the cost high? Well, the cost is calculated based on various factors. But, the deciding factor is size. So adjusting size would help lower costs.
  5. Why is the international shipping time long? Shipping time depends on many factors including service provider efficiencies. So, international orders may take longer to ship.
  6. More filament options? Yes we are working towards adding more unique filaments for printing in various colours and categories.

More doubts? Please feel free to email printmaster(AT)3dprintinindia(DOT)com or send a DM to @3dprintinindia on X (formerly: twitter).