How to save costs?

Well, you maybe a student or a hobbyist or maybe even a professional. But how do you save costs to have a low production budget?

We here are some tips to get you going with the best price that you can have.

Tip 1) Choose materials wisely.

If you do not have a constraint on the material choice, we recommend that you use some primary colour PLA filament as your main choice. Any other premium filament will have high overhead costs.

Tip 2) Choose the best Infil:

We recommend that you use 20% infill since it is the standard and does not have high overhead costs. By using any other type, you will have a higher cost

Tip 3:) Choose the best infill Type:

We recommend that you use the best coating Infill type. By choosing the ”Quick Infill’ you will be saving costs. up to 10% or higher

Tip 4) Optimize your file

Optimize your 3D File so that it is the most effective orientation. If the AI analyzer finds the orientation difficult to print in, it will lead to a high cost. So, if you have a print that is thin and tall, if it fits in our print dimensions, lay the model flat when uploading for a lesser cost

Tip 5) Avoid Curves

Every single curve will increase print time. If possible, replace curves with straight lines for effective cost reduction.

Tip 6) Keep the overall size of your model small

A small model will help save costs. SInce a bigger print will have greater print time, it will lead to increased cost.

The most ideal setting for the lowest cost will be:

Filament Type: PLA

Coating (infill Type): Quick Infil

Infill: 20%